It’s a phenomenal paradigm
In lux to a beautiful phobia
Paired with a paradox, entwined to an over sense of awe

Much like kissing a lover for the first time
Or losing yourself to their embrace

Some would call it love
Yet to be honest I have not the slightest idea
Of what it could be

For this shapeshifting existence
Instills an intoxicating reality
To those that have awaken to it

With an effect that reacts in such a way
That one may mistake it for
A mysterious element known as gravity

An enigma nonetheless

That most people have spent a life time trying to understand
Rather it be by the act of empathizing with another’s soul
Or through the course of unearthing one’s own personal religion

We impart strive for this eternal unknown source of affection
So we may convey a basis belongs to purpose itself
And in time find inspiration from it all
With the hopes of being, that we are not beings, that are so hollow

Because if so
Our essence would be a lonesome one
Much like a God that had no universe, but a quiet void
Empty of devotion and light

I think this is why we seek passion through means of love as well as war
Through a lover’s kiss or even through the gravity that enchants enemy’s blade
You see because by virtue it’s a phenomenon
That gives our minds a God like perception

Transcending a moment
So that we may be lost within the grips of heaven’s beloved embrace
Yet falling towards our own personal belief of a divine immortality

I will call it a divine hope, for what else could it be?

~ Paradise’s Poet ~

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