The rain will begin soon...

The rain will begin soon…













…I sleep……..
But the unsleeping mind is gazing at you…

And the hovering thoughts are gathering…
Into a cloud of stormy Love…
The rain will begin soon…
And our dance of love shall reign…

The hot earth/
sucks the drops/
Stands naked/
The breeze puts her robe/
The cuckoo sings/
The clouds run/
The branches giggle/
The flowers fold/
The ecstasy hugs /
The sexless orgasm blooms…….

You are my joy/
I am your smile/
You are my messenger/
i am your message/
You are my comfort/
I am your solace /
You are my smile /
i am your laughter/
You are my night/
i am your sleep/ /
You are my inspiration/
I am your ode/
This is because/
we are inseparable.

The unison of the Mystic with the fusion of Mysticism…
An amalgamation of the Spirit with the legions of Spiritualism…
The joining of the Soul with the Creator!!!

Your silence is your reply/
As I hear lot from your heart/
Your smile is your reply as
I see the heavens- seven/
Your gazing is my energy /
As I get enchanted from it/
Your touch is my life /
As it electrifies my body/
Your murmur is my prayer/
as it takes me to the trance…
to see the COSMOS WHOLE…

seema devi..28.1.14
My acrylic painting

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