Gone for years, but the memories still linger in the hearts,
The pain still hunts,
It cuts so deep in the heart and it still hurts.
Life’s the fastest trip but only the wise gives in some thoughts,
Flashing back in memory gets the eyes wet and the body hots.
“May you be blessed.” Was your favourite phrase.
Remembering your words make eyes drop tears,
And the heart cracks.
“May Allah bless your grave and your progenies guide.”
Become my favorite phrase since your demised.

Gone for years,
But they set only a day for you.
Mothers day- they call it,
This is foolishness in all its ramifications and I call it feeble.
Within this ideology they wish everyone is entangle,
Away from this foolishness I’ll always struggle.
For every day of my life in your thoughts I’ll spend,
If Allah makes me able.

My Queen from the Nile,
My unlettered heroine, a pearl in my heart,
My Mother, my perfect Woman, my love!
They said you are gone for years,
So for you is just a day.
Yes, you are gone.
But gone for what?
Gone for Glory, and Not for Gold,
So for you are all days.
while the Body lays in the Dusts,
May the Soul rests with the Lord of Hosts.
May Allah bless your journey,
Ameen may the angels answered.

Gone for Glory, and not for Gold,
For years you’ve sojourned.
Sooner or later i too shall sojourn on this same path,
Whenever the time comes,
I have but only one wish..
That with the righteous may we be unite,
In Allah’s house of guests,
Aljannatul firdousi, an abode so blessed.

©Musa Shehu Uthman
July, 2015
[email protected]
Twitter Handle @Shrekoxymann

©M.S. Uthman

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Copyright © Musa Shehu Uthman

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…A duet by Fasusi Ayobami Folakemi & Adesoro Segun Emmanuel

On the stainless wall of my brain
I made recital of your name -my fame
Like dawn-to-dusk free-falling rain
Pregnant crowded cloud couldn’t tame.

Never knew love grows like weeds-
‘Til I found you in my heart’s royal garden
Greener than the finest of wheats
So ebony and sweeter than honey.

Only heaven’s finest work of art,
Has built a love castle in my heart,
Let us then, write our love story on moon’s palm
For yet unborn couples to recite in psalms.

Beyond love, friendship -we share
Together, we make a fabulous pair
We have risen above all difficulties, fear
Basking in the euphoria of love and care

You ‘re my Superman, I’m your Louis lane
Are you spiderman? Meet your Mary Jane
You are more to be desired than honey
With you, I’m ready for life’s journey

Our love is secured with end to end encryption
Gallant firewall that has defied all decryption
We are homies, buddies, two peas in a pod
The world can’t comprehend us, – odd.

*K-Classico et. Àse* © 2016.

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Copyright © Adesoro Segun ProofSegz

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On World Refugee Day Saw I Refugee Girl Going Her Way All Alone

On World Refugee Day Saw I Refugee Girl Going Her Way All Alone

On World Refugee Day
All of a sudden
The mind lifted me
To the picture
Of a refugee girl
Walking down
The memory lane of mine.

A small-girl, daughter like
Saw I ravished by
Politics, war, human greed,
Lust for power,
Found I seeking shelter and food
Walking down the street
As a refugee girl
The loving daughter of someone
Turned into a refugee.

May be it tallied with the picture
Of a Punjabi
Displaced and dislocated
During the Partition tragedy,
A Bengali caught in between
East Bengal and West Bengal,
A Kashmiri pundit girl
Living in camps,
A Serbian or Croatian
Or a Syrian daughter
I wanted to hide in from bombardment.

Heavy bombardment and shelling
Took a toll upon
And she lost her parents and home
And got displaced and dislocated
As a refugee,
A refugee girl
In the camps
Seeking shelter and food,
Pity and sympathy
And nothing more.

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Copyright © Bijay Kant Dubey

Bijay Kant Dubey on facebook

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Life Story

Life Story

I broke my life story into
Several different pieces
In all sizes and shapes
Were they
And radiating
Thousand unnamed hues.
Gluing them together was
As all pieces grew in size,
independent of each other
They reflected a new story.
That’s life.
Several different pieces put together.
All of them unrelated
(Sometimes mismatched)
But tightly held together
Woven into intricate patterns
So the ties never get loose.
Breaking them, is releasing them
The life-pieces are gone
Gone. Gone for ever.
They are never back.
All you get is another life story
With different slices
You start building another life
Living another existence

Copyright © Manjusha

Disclaimer: The image used herein is in the public domain and taken from the Internet. Due appreciation and credit is acknowledged for the same.


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