Warm Aspirations

Warm Aspirations

Hushed and gentle words aright
I would speak into your heart
Beside the pulsing tide and moonlight

Would a tender whisper
A kiss on the forehead
Put a wind in your sails and mine
So we could glide into the day’s ending time

I wonder about soft lace
Your surrendered touch
If we would embrace

Would I watch our footprints behind us?
Disappearing back into the sea
Or would I shut my eyes, ever so tightly

Would the tender breeze from the sea
Stir wisps of your hair into your entrancing stare
With gentle fingers, over your ear
I would remove with care

Would it cause your heart to succumb?
To reveal that glint in your eyes
Would it put a smile into the existing one?

With wonder and praying
How is it that you are so captivating?
A thread you have pulled
Unraveling a heart of solitude

Life is still and composed
Until again, my eyes of you behold
Warm aspirations, reality, conflict between
Like the opposites clamor and serene

I wonder and pray to my Lord to tell
Yet these warm aspirations for you, still do not dispel

Copyright 2015 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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Copyright © Eric Von Rohr


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Calm The Fueds

Calm The Fueds

Age of conflicts or age of civilization
This is the dilemma for every nation
When future in modernity beckons man
Then why the application of violent tan.

Calm are seas and ocean alike
For resentment and greed there rarely does spike
Territorial integrity is just a lame divert
Humanity tossed around and morals inert.

Copyright © Jay

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