A Fifth Dimensional Curve

A Fifth Dimensional Curve

A fifth dimensional curve bends the black key
Playing a symphony moonlighting the beauty of Vienna
Creating a sound that illuminates a nostalgic fragile essence
Thus of my tears a musical elegance to convert light

While orchestrating these perceptional day dreams
Viewing the ingeniousness…once held as madness to the common man, my will

And in my own thoughts I sit as a fool, a jester
Justifying my own insane reason to remember what made love so sane
As at the end of any love
The only chords known are that of a requiem

Thine-ing thin strings a lackluster melody
Composed so dark
It was as if Hades himself was whispering your own demise
Viva Voce (with a living voice) so…sinister and cold

Mocking a divinity that was always revered as everlasting
Using me as an instrument amidst this perpetual score
Having my life…a fading composition to do battle against heavenly holy hymns

Yet, there among the impending, looming, deaf-ing drums `
Between the angelic voices hailing from those sopranos
Tender memories becomes the bases of my reality – A concert of emotion
Leading up to the climax of it all…that which cripples my passion to feel affection again
The simple subtle words of…

…I miss her…
…With every tormented fiber of my foolish heart.

~ Paradise’s Poet ~

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Copyright © Tony Paradise’s Poet
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Costly Dreams

Costly Dreams

Me___A creature of clay,
have dared to desire
to acquire the love and
light of that shining Moon.
Have struggled hard to
land my aims over her chest;
will hollow expects to bring
her home one day.
Oh! My subservience and
helplessness, which are
erecting the hard walls
in between us, to pull
the wings of my imagination
back to the dusts of earth.
Now, uncountable tyrannical
questions are raining the wrath
upon my wounded mind.
One is, what will happen to my heart
Lo! Those having empty purses
and shabby cupboard are of
nil right even to dream
about such costly dreams.
The Moon and clay can’t
Sleep under same blanket
Of matrimony.

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Copyright © Mir Sajad (Rj Sajjad)

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All the pages of my life are dark,
I didn’t even sang a happy lark….

To the people all come & say hello,
I wish them with a fake smile & glow….

Most of the time I sit all alone,
Dreaming that i’ll smile very soon….

Outside my dreams, I had only tears,
Because my heart is hurt deep and severe….

But still,

I wish on a very good day,
All my dreams may make their way….

And a prince will be sent by by fairy grandmother,
From then I live HAPPILY EVER AFTER….!!!!




It seems like a nightmare,
that i had never dreamt…
To somewhere of nowhere,
I had never went…

I see no light,
its dark all around…
I feel the fright,
even to turn around…

I’m left alone here,
in this scary moor…
All the air that blown,
made me highly dour…

I find none who can help,
on this land of sorrow…
I don’t know if i can stop my yelp,
even after tomorrow…!!!


(A reaction to
JOINT LOVE co-written by Ogechi Veronica & Pacific Corlins)
let these run-on lines fly
on the high wings of eagrets
that swim on immortal airlines
to cloud nine – the planet of trailing betrayal
where trails of mine-hurts
lies in the tears of these eyes
with sighs that mime
the rythms of ties and bounds that broke
epistles of sorrowful rhapsody
wrap up and around glad melodies
scribbled on this sullen scroll
you, yes, you
you came in and squeezed this swollen heart
displacing from its sworn state of partial equilibrium
ridding off every ‘eight’ (hate) electron
that engulf its outermost shell of atom
but you’ve done worse than the moon could forgive
with this underdose of love you have administered
per os and not intravenously
a dagger you have thrust in this heart
a shipwreck of our love boat
on the noisy pacific ocean
beyond the ninth clouds
i faint through this thin faintest clouds
mourning the exit of the earth.
© Samuel Amazing Ayoade (Blazing Pen)

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