In man’s journey through life
As he reaches for his dreams
And overall quest for success
His determination and will
Always is… put to the test
Challenged by his very fate
Required of his true destiny
Is his spirit and ability to endure
Above his day to day struggles
Even when all looks hopeless
Through life raging storms
Dark and moonless nights
Through his limitations and flaws
Responsibilities and obligations
When he stumbles and falls
His strength is put to question
Will he give up or try again?
When he veers off a set course
Will he get back on track?
For these are the real values
That makes a man be a man
Of him withstanding life blows
And having the energy to go on
It takes a lot to get back on his feet
His greatest trial and tribulation yet
Is maintaining his focus towards his goals
Having determination without any focus
Can be likened to a lion without any teeth
Without focus very little can be achieved….indeed

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Copyright © Bernard Owor


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Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage

Rites Of Passage

I could be attached to a chain
at the bottom of the sea

I could be a runaway
with only a star to comfort me

I could be a series of
cruel jokes in American history

A shadow mourning the death of
its body that died mysteriously

Could be an out of place African
note in an English song-

my tongue does not remember
my mind can not recall

This poem could have been a
tear left to wallow in defeat

I could have been
broken then

I am thankful for those
that came before me

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Copyright © Demitri Tyler

Excerpt from “Measuring For Balance” by Author Demitri Tyler

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Hello! My little shinning star and lover,
My future hope, my breath so precious,
Have gone missing like piece of golden cover,
In that far away town leaving me so suspicious.

How about our promise of bringing me a cooker?
I mean a wife for me my heart is so curious,
You have grow up man can drink from the biker,
What are you waiting for make my soul so gracious.

Your age mates in the village has their own bed-cover,
Remaining you who dodge the game am furious,
Bring me home my fellow wife so we eat this liver,
Running away from me is painful and dangerous.

I have seen a doll for you from my neighbor’s clover,
A sweet young girl who can bide our traditional citrous,
A fruit which is already ripe need the owner to uncover,
Fresh and pure, insects haven’t touched it so its delicious.

Listen my king I throw saliva on my chest to hoover,
Show how I care about you and am so serious,
Want to laugh like fellow old people as you be my giver,
Please keep my promise and will be happy and rapacious.

As I am ending up I miss you my stress remover,
My prince so wonderful and worthy handsome facetious,
You are my solution complier respected as flooded river,
I adore you will keep your love deep in my heart flirtatious.

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wheels of change

wheels of change

The wheels of change have taken a turn
All that it holds thrash and burn,
Turning turning with them is the only way to survive
Change your self dear if u want to be alive .

They say change is good or it is bad
I say it is what it is based on the experiences you have had ,
Take it as it comes don’t give it a fight
Let go of your old, don’t hold on so tight.

Good times change bad ,bad times change good
Sometimes it feels good and sometimes so crude,
Changes may come and go but the ones that stay are very few
The best part about them is that they tend to change you .

It pulls you in and burns you down
And like a phoenix you are reborn,
No matter how you resist gonna get you
And believe it or not sometimes its worth trying new.

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Copyright © Pearl Mendis


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