A new sky

A new sky

Orange and red leaves, now brown...

Orange and red leaves, now brown…

Birds are shivering
Orange and red leaves,
now brown
Winter nights are near

A horizon bright
adorns a blustery night
Frost on leaves appear

Goodbye to summer
Hello to winter snowflakes
A new sky is here


Time ticks on, each day a new morning, each night a new reflection, weeks flow, months move, years pass, seasons change, a new sky every time and a fresh new beginning. And Priya Patel’s lines with the picture again blend to create magic!
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Copyright © Priya Patel

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I just know

I just know

I watch you in awe...

I watch you in awe…

Night falls and
I watch you in awe
the slightest curve
or movement of your jaw
The gentle rise
and easy fall
with every breath
deep or small
of your chest;
the soft flutter
of eyelashes mid-dream
a smile alights
as if for me it seems;[avatar user=”Priya Patel” size=”100″ align=”right”] Night falls and
I watch you in awe
and I just know
that I will always love you

Copyright © Priya Patel

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Dreaming The Soil of Phileo

Dreaming The Soil of Phileo

A country boat on the river Ganges in India

A country boat on the river Ganges in India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)











From my pillow, from the shore I push away
My boat of paper lace
Into the sea of beckoning clouds
Never looking back, no shadow against my face

Casting thyself away with sails made from silk
With the pulsing squall of wind
Lightning strikes, alighting the earth below
This quest on now to find the beginning of the end

To decipher for there and beyond
I will trade spices and cashmere
To uncover this quixotic place
That draws my heart near


Sunrise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










Lofty is this upper ocean
Sailing past the vast variations over the earth below
Setting eyes forward I will voyage on
To find the reverie, the soil of Phileo

I strain my sight for days
Through the firmament of Arabian blue
Nothing is there even when I slumber
For when I wake, rub my eyes, the same is the view

Here there are no constellations
No bearing to lead me on my way and care
Just a beating heart and arcane dreams
Chasing something inside with someone whom to share [avatar user=”Eric Von Rohr” size=”100″ align=”right”]

The earth has turned some ten thousand times
But on my boat of paper lace the voyage on must go
Until I see that horizon appear
And land my boat, on the soil of Phileo

Copyright © Eric Von Rohr

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I am nobody

I am nobody


Wounded and frail
I fell to my knees
Bleeding In silence
For the world to see
Tears of fears
Seeping from my soul
Loneliness looms in
For strength I plea
A cry for help
Amidst torment and shame
I see you walk by [avatar user=”Priya Patel” size=”100″ align=”right”] But to you, I am nobody
Hope washes away
With my tears of fears
On this, the quiet side of tomorrow

Copyright © Priya Patel

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Love story

Love story


A monsoon of thoughts
has brought me here
to the lines on this paper
from the pen that gives
shapes to the feelings
that each of my
rain-soaked thoughts evoke

I am a butterfly in love
My wings flutter about
in a tropical rainforest
of colorful words
like love, desire,
and everything bright
My cheeks flush pink

You, my pen,
my faithful sponge
soak up my thoughts  [avatar user=”Priya Patel” size=”100″ align=”right”] and squeeze them out
onto white pristine paper;
flowing words that now become
my love story

Copyright  © Priya Patel

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