An Insight

An Insight

And sight of butterflies...

And sight of butterflies…

Fumes from beneath the ground
Light the night
The coal reveals its blood colour
Sun beams
In undercover operation
Shamans of the forest
Seldom tell stories of the past
Some veins have streams of caterpillar’s blood
And sight of butterflies
Unheard melodies
Whisper underneath the soul

Copyright @ Satya Srinivas

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Can You?

Can You?

His feet just walked upon my shore...

His feet just walked upon my shore…

There is something in the air…
Can you feel it in your breath?…
Said the bird flying high in the sky…
It is His fragrance coming from there.


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The sweetness of the water is all the more…
Can you sense it in the taste?…
Said the fish in the lake…
His feet just walked upon my shore.

There is something more bright in this world…
Can you also see the same?…
Said the girl sitting by the window…
It is Him shining in my life.

Copyright @ Zarina C. Johnstone

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A Place to Rest

A Place to Rest

Far ahead to the beyond...

Far ahead to the beyond…

I shall persevere on and on
To reach out and be touched
By Divine Creation
In the sprawling castle of Your compassion…

A thousand lamps of love glow on the way
Now to light up my life in Your shadow
The fire of youthful passion dead in the veins
Leaving behind embers of pain…

English: Convenient place for a rest

English: Convenient place for a rest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)











The wind has slowed down for me
And time has stood still
Far ahead to the beyond my vision stretches now
And sights the flowers in Your palace…

Dreams through which I have wandered
Will turn into an astonishing reality
With me living in the shadow of Your eyes
And a place to rest in Your breath…

Copyright @ Vijay Vaghela

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‘U’…My Dream…

‘U’…My Dream…


The sorrowful tears ran away with fears…

You came at the fall,
And changed them all…..

The dark shadows,
Turned into green meadows…..

The paths of thorns,
Became the way to thrones…..

The robes which worn,
were velvet my dawn…..

The times of travail,
Changed into prevail…..

The horrific rains,
Are now sunshine…..

The sorrowful tears,
Ran away with fears…..

In the land of weeds,
You sowed the colorful seeds…..

I was an incomplete whole,
Until you gave me soul…..

What can I say about you…?
You are my dream come true…..

Copyright @ Meghana Kirdanti (Maggie)

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The Mystical Land

The Mystical Land

to the mystical land of the Gods...

to the mystical land of the Gods…

Beating of drums rising high in the sky
Sounding the tribute of a troubled humanity
Asking for the divine intervention
To shower his blessings dissolved in the rain…

Jingling of bells musically floating up
Singing the song of a praying humanity
Reaching out for the hand of the Creator
To resolve the tussles of the daily grind…

Song in His praise mouthed in unison
With a clapping of hope and joy
Welcoming the arrival of His Lordship
To reside with us as the long awaited guest…

with a promise of return...

with a promise of return… Photo credit:

Days pass and the time to depart arrives
Song, chant, dance and drums lead the way
Followed by the sea of humanity on the way
To the ocean for a final descent with a promise of return…

In the sound of silence I pray
With a quiet murmur of thoughts
Hope and faith alive, waiting for His last embrace
To lead me to the mystical land of the Gods…

Copyright @ Vijay Vaghela

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