Forget not your liberty when you’re helpless
Like the god that lacks power for his revenge
Let courage cover you like the shell covers yolk
Forget not, every brutal wound will end up with scars!
Lose not your hope as the shepherd that lost his sheep
For the dark will always come before the new day
Let your faith be alive, allow it not to fade like the days

Forget not your liberty when you lose ability!
Never blame your existence or God for his silence!
Carry your heavy load and know there’s liberty ahead!
Procrastination is the very best friend to failure!
The world will surely try to knock you down!
Though none can pre-empt the evil, be sensible!
Do not be silent like a river that has no origin!

Sometimes it will be your willpower against your strength!
Sometimes your time will be against your days!
And sometimes your wish will stand against your will!
Yes, there is a short cut to temporary freedom
But calamity sometimes hides like the yolk in the egg!
While you eat like a victorious lion, telling the glory story
Calamity will burst forth because you follow short lane!

Why can’t you be calm? The patient dog eats the largest bone!
See, liberty will surely come… and when it comes
Dust will gather rise to the sky in front of your chamber! Glory
There will be chants and odes and they will drum and dance
It will be for you, for you would have won the throne!
And the sword of victory would remain in your hand!
Now you will rest, because of your endurance and good deeds

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Let it go

So just let it go..

So just let it go..


When situations makes fuss
There’s not everything that you know,
So just take a deep breath
And let it go..

When time seems to be tricky
Take it slow,
Don’t rush over everything we have
Just let it go..

When you see anger taking over you
Let the ego bend a little low,
Relations are too precious for this
So just let it go..

When our friendship will tend to loose its spark
I’ll be the fire in the snow,
Just have a little faith in me
And please let it go..

When words sounds wrong
Don’t let misunderstanding grow,
Lean into and hug me tight
Together we will let it go..

If we get lost in the darkest night
Our friendship will guide us with its glow,
Together we can surpass this hour
If only we let it go..
Sanket Kale

Years and years of togetherness
And we can still watch it grow,
This ain’t time to fight
So just let it go…

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