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October 3

Something is changed Suddenly In the Spring’s air I feel the smell of Cold waters... Copyright © Dario de Giacomo

Sullen muse

O' my sullen muse!, Just for one dreadful night, Can you be loyal with me? Be not harsh, And pour me the drops of benevolence, For one last time; And let me indite the- Horatian Ode of the Epoch, For my beloved- Digging pits in my heart, With the sharp dagger of...

Consuming myself

And now I consume myself, Because it now only Mimics the filthy past; Drinks from the river of pain, To become the sea of pain; Open its arm wide, To embrace grief; Veil itself with darkness, To slumber in silence; Hums the hymn of life, To deter death, When they are...


One, two, three... The count goes on Lost upon lost Innocent harmless souls are killed Like Borno, Burma is not safe If not for all, then for those whose crime is being a minority They are murder, martyr And are not far from total annihilation But Human rights turns...


To be alone is like a flower without fragrance Wild imagination runs through And it pains Ponder your flaws and analyse it cause Imbibe and make it as law Loneliness leads you mile Feel light and smile Touch the sky of imagination Savour itand experience...

Wind and the rose

Wind blows rose sways The chillness thrills and spells elation Walking along the hills The thought of her frills She smiles and I feel bright Birds perched on the trees Like a gentle breeze it was h Oh good I feel light She is my rose and like a wind my thought Always...


Mind sometime you twinkle like a star Mind wante like a moon Why don't you be constant like a North star Mind you shine like sun You illuminate shower serenity


A birth of a new light in the sky My Charismatic Crescent For your arrival many await Your Crystal Concave Silver line to see. Swimming across the Metaphoric sea of the sky Amidst the ironic forest of the stars Reflecting brightness of the setting Golden Sun Glaring...


Smile.... a magical lexicon A symbol of friendship and peace Energises tranquility and positivity Implants spirit to overcome difficulties Smile being an expression of Strength, mirth, innocence, love and elegance Solves intensified differences! Let's all adopt the...


Love is the thread Emotion and feeling are the strands Understanding is the yarn Relation is the fibre © Shobha Raman

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